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Invest in multi-asset portfolios made with Mutual Funds, Indian Stocks, Bonds & FD created by Financial experts. Join FinClub to Grow Your Wealth!

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Invest your money, Learn about investments and personal finance, Earn by becoming DSA agents and referring clients

Invest your Salary, Money, Savings with Finplay

Invest in a mix of the best mutual funds, Indian stocks and Alternate investment funds like Govt/Corporate Bonds that suit your risk profile and create long-term wealth. 


Learn about Best Investment Strategies

Discuss and learn from experts by joining FinClub, India’s largest personal finance community. Discuss Investments, Credit, Insurance and any of your queries related to your personal finance. 

Earn by becoming DSA (Direct Selling Agent)

Earn real money by becoming DSA (Direct Selling Agent) and referring FinPlay to your friends and family. Refer and earn money for a lifetime. Choose products from Mutual funds, Credit, Insurance and FD. 

Get inflation-beating returns 📈 by our expert recommendations

Get personalized recommendations from investment experts that suits your risk profile and become financially independent.

Invest in India’s growth story by investing in the Top 50 companies in India by investing directly in the best Nifty 50 mutual fund. 

Stay focused on your financial goals 💰

Invest in Mutual funds and Indian stocks

Start with as low as Rs. 100/- to start your capital market investing journey. Best mutual funds and stock baskets are recommended.

Learn from daily financial news

Join FinClub, India’s largest personal finance community and get your daily dose of financial wisdom.

Earn by becoming a DSA

Earn up to Rs. 50,000/- per month by becoming a direct selling agent of FinPlay. Refer friends, and family and earn money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is FinPlay?

FinPlay is a community-led investment platform to help millennials and first time investors with capital market investing i.e., Mutual funds, Indian stocks. We have a community called FinClub where investors can join, learn and discuss about their investments and personal finance in general. 

Is there a Finplay app?

Yes. We have FinPlay’s app on Google Android Store. 

We also have a web application that can be accessed on iOS and web at 

Is Finplay Safe?

At FinPlay we take our investors’ data very seriously. We use bank-grade security that helps give high security to our users data and financial transactions. 

How is Finplay different from other financial apps?

We deal with regulated multi-assets such as Mutual Funds, Indian Stocks, Bonds and FD. We create comprehensive portfolios for our investors that can help them beat inflation while giving some protection to the capital of our investors. 

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