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What is B30 Cities in Mutual Funds? List of B30 Cities & Incentives.

Dive into the comprehensive analysis of B30 Mutual Fund Distribution in India. Discover how individual MFDs, national distributors, and various banking sectors are shaping the investment landscape in smaller cities and towns, managing a significant portion of the Rs. 8.40 lakh crore in mutual fund assets as of September 2023.
FInancial News, Mutual Fund, Mutual Fund House(MFD)

List of Mutual Fund Houses(AMCs) that lead in T30 space

Dive into the dynamic world of India's mutual fund industry with our latest analysis, highlighting the leaders of the T30 mutual fund market as of September 2023. Uncover key insights into the top players like SBI MF, ICICI Prudential, and HDFC MF, and understand their market strategies and asset management in India's top urban markets. This comprehensive review offers a deep dive into the AUM figures, market shares, and strategic focuses of the leading mutual fund houses, providing valuable insights for investors and industry analysts. Explore the intricacies of the T30 segment and stay informed about the latest trends shaping India's urban investment landscape.
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