HDFC Mutual Fund : Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024AMCHDFC Mutual Fund : Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024

HDFC Mutual Fund : Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024

HDFC Mutual Fund : Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024


HDFC Mutual Fund : Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024

HDFC Mutual Fund, officially known as HDFC Asset Management Company Limited, stands tall in the Indian mutual fund landscape, having been established in 1999. It represents a successful collaboration between Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) and abrdn Investment Management Limited, formerly known as Standard Life Investments Limited.

As of September 2023, HDFC Mutual Fund boasts an impressive Assets Under Management (AUM) of ₹5.55 trillion, accounting for a significant 10.91% of the industry’s total AUM. This immense growth positions it as one of India’s largest and most affluent mutual fund houses.

HDFC holds a majority stake of 52.6% in the AMC, while abrdn Investment Management Limited, managing assets worth over UK Pound 532 billion globally, owns 16.2% shares. The HDFC group itself is a prominent financial powerhouse, with a diverse portfolio spanning banking, housing finance, insurance, real estate funds, asset management, and education finance.

The fund house’s journey to becoming a publicly-listed entity culminated in August 2018, following a successful Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the 2017-18 financial year. Its stature is reflected in its share price, which has shown remarkable growth since its listing.

HDFC Mutual Fund’s product portfolio is extensive, encompassing approximately 149 primary schemes as of 2023. This diverse range includes 58 debt funds, 33 equity-oriented funds, 6 hybrid schemes, and 11 others, including ETFs, Gold funds, and Fund of Funds. This array of investment options underlines the fund house’s commitment to offering profitable investment opportunities, designed to suit the varying needs of a broad investor base.

With a vision to be the world’s most respected Asset Manager and a mission to emerge as a wealth creator for every Indian, HDFC AMC prides itself on its investment team. The team comprises 29 highly skilled members who bring a rich blend of performance consistency, stability, and deep business understanding. This expertise is a critical factor in the fund house’s ability to navigate market volatilities successfully.

The company’s expansive reach is evident in its robust network, spanning over 200 cities, ensuring a wide base of customers and investment partners. With 9.9 million live accounts by March 2022, HDFC AMC demonstrates its capability to cater to a substantial institutional customer base, thereby solidifying its position as a leader in equity investments.

Best HDFC Mutual Fund Leading MF Schemes 2024

Best HDFC Mutual Fund Leading MF Schemes 2024
CategoryScheme NameTypeReturns (3 yrs)Returns (5 yrs)Minimum Investment
Large CapHDFC Top 100 FundGrowth23.4%17.1%₹500
Large & Mid CapHDFC Large and Mid Cap FundGrowth27.6%18.2%₹500
Mid CapHDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities FundGrowth34.2%24.5%₹500
Small CapHDFC Small Cap FundGrowth42.1%28.7%₹500
Flexi CapHDFC Flexi Cap FundGrowth30.8%21.3%₹500
Debt (Short Term)HDFC Cash Management FundRegular Plan3.8%4.2%₹100
Debt (Medium Term)HDFC Short Term Debt FundRegular Plan7.2%8.1%₹100
Debt (Long Term)HDFC Gilt FundRegular Plan9.5%10.2%₹100
BalancedHDFC Balanced FundGrowth19.8%14.7%₹500
Hybrid EquityHDFC Hybrid Equity FundGrowth25.3%16.9%₹500
Best HDFC Mutual Fund Leading MF Schemes 2024

Key information 

Mutual fund nameHDFC Mutual Fund
Asset management company nameHDFC Asset Management Company Ltd.
AMC Incorporation DateDecember 10, 1999
Sponsor nameHDFC Ltd. & Abrdn Investment Management Limited (erstwhile Standard Life Investments)
Trustee organisationHDFC Trustee Company Limited
Name of trusteesMr. Vimal Bhandari (Chairman), Mr. V. Srinivasa Rangan (Director), Mr. Mehernosh Kapadia (Independent Director), Mr. Dindayal Jalan (Independent Director)
MD and CEOMr. Navneet Munot
CIOMr. Prashant Jain
Compliance OfficerMs. Supriya Sapre
Investor Service OfficerMr. Sameer Sakseria
Total AUM (as of Nov. 2023)Rs. ₹5.55 Lakh Cr
Key information

Overview of Important HDFC Mutual Fund Schemes 2024

Large Cap:

  • HDFC Top 100 Fund: This consistent performer invests in blue-chip companies and boasts a 5-year annualized return exceeding 17%, but its focus on large caps may limit potential growth compared to mid or small-cap funds.
  • HDFC Large and Mid Cap Fund: Offering a blend of stability and growth, this fund invests in larger companies with the potential to move into mid-cap territory. Its 3-year return of 27.6% is attractive, but remember – greater diversification comes with slightly higher risk.

Mid Cap:

  • HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund: This high-octane fund targets mid-cap companies with high growth potential. Its impressive 3-year return of 34.2% comes with inherent volatility, making it suited for investors with a higher risk tolerance and longer investment horizons.

Small Cap:

  • HDFC Small Cap Fund: For truly adventurous investors, this fund delves into the dynamic world of small-cap companies. Its 5-year return of 28.7% is phenomenal, but be prepared for potential higher fluctuations and the need for a long-term commitment.

Flexi Cap:

  • HDFC Flexi Cap Fund: Offering flexibility and the ability to adapt to market movements, this fund invests across market capitalizations. Its 3-year return of 30.8% provides a good balance between growth and stability, appealing to investors seeking diversified exposure.

Debt Funds:

  • HDFC Cash Management Fund: Ideal for parking short-term savings, this fund offers low volatility and predictable returns around 4%. Remember, inflation can erode purchasing power over time, so this option might not be suitable for long-term goals.
  • HDFC Short Term Debt Fund: Providing slightly higher returns than the Cash Management Fund (around 7-8%), this option invests in debt instruments maturing within 3 years. It’s a good choice for short-term goals like building an emergency fund.
  • HDFC Gilt Fund: For those seeking stable income and capital protection over the long term, this fund invests in government bonds. Its 5-year return exceeding 10% is attractive, but remember interest rate fluctuations can impact bond prices.

Balanced and Hybrid Equity Funds:

  • HDFC Balanced Fund: Offering a blend of equity and debt, this fund seeks to balance growth with stability. Its 3-year return of 19.8% showcases its potential, but it might not deliver the high returns of pure equity funds.
  • HDFC Hybrid Equity Fund: This fund invests in a mix of equity and debt with a focus on capital appreciation. Its 3-year return of 25.3% suggests growth potential, but again, the equity component carries inherent risk.

Fund Categories

Top HDFC Equity Mutual Funds 2024

CategoryScheme NameType3-Year Return5-Year ReturnMinimum InvestmentKey Features
Large CapHDFC Top 100 FundGrowth23.4%17.1%₹500Consistent performer, invests in blue-chip companies, lower potential growth compared to mid & small cap
Large & Mid CapHDFC Large and Mid Cap FundGrowth27.6%18.2%₹500Blend of stability and growth, invests in larger companies with mid-cap potential, slightly higher risk than pure large cap
Mid CapHDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities FundGrowth34.2%24.5%₹500High-growth potential, invests in mid-cap companies, higher volatility, suitable for longer term and higher risk tolerance
Small CapHDFC Small Cap FundGrowth42.1%28.7%₹500Dynamic exposure to small-cap companies, phenomenal 5-year return, potential for higher fluctuations, long-term commitment required
Flexi CapHDFC Flexi Cap FundGrowth30.8%21.3%₹500Flexible & adaptable across market caps, good balance between growth and stability, suitable for diversified exposure
Top HDFC Equity Mutual Funds 2024

Top HDFC Debt Mutual Funds 2024

CategoryScheme NameTypeAverage Maturity (Years)3-Year Return5-Year ReturnMinimum InvestmentKey Features
Short TermHDFC Cash Management FundRegular Plan0.53.8%4.2%₹100Ideal for parking short-term savings, low volatility, predictable returns, may not beat inflation
Short TermHDFC Short Term Debt FundRegular Plan2.37.2%8.1%₹100Slightly higher returns than Cash Management Fund, invests in debt instruments maturing within 3 years, good for short-term goals
Medium TermHDFC Medium Term Debt FundRegular Plan3.88.3%9.0%₹100Invests in debt instruments maturing within 3-7 years, balances liquidity with higher returns compared to short-term funds
Long TermHDFC Corporate Bond FundRegular Plan5.79.1%10.4%₹100Invests primarily in corporate bonds, higher potential returns than government bonds, but also higher credit risk
Long TermHDFC Gilt FundRegular Plan22.79.5%10.2%₹100Invests in government bonds, offers stable income and capital protection over the long term, interest rate fluctuations can impact bond prices
Top HDFC Debt Mutual Funds 2024

Top HDFC Hybrid Mutual Funds 2024

CategoryScheme NameTypeEquity Allocation (%)3-Year Return5-Year ReturnMinimum InvestmentKey Features
BalancedHDFC Balanced FundGrowth60-8019.8%14.7%₹500Blends equity and debt for growth & stability, lower risk than pure equity, potential for lower returns
Balanced AggressiveHDFC Hybrid Equity FundGrowth65-8525.3%16.9%₹500Higher equity focus for capital appreciation, good balance between growth and stability, higher risk than Balanced funds
Equity SavingsHDFC Balanced Advantage FundRegular Plan40-6015.6%13.2%₹100Lower equity exposure for capital protection, predictable returns, suitable for conservative investors
Equity SavingsHDFC Equity Opportunities FundRegular Plan60-8018.2%14.3%₹100Higher equity allocation for growth potential, moderate risk, longer investment horizon recommended
Top HDFC Hybrid Mutual Funds 2024

Top Fund Managers

1. Mr. Chirag Setalvad:

He’s got a business administration degree and experience in both investment banking and research. He’s been with HDFC since 2007 and now handles a whopping Rs. 57,928 crore across 15 schemes, including Small Cap Fund and Hybrid Equity Fund. Think of him as someone who can handle different investment styles to grow your money.

2. Mr. Prashant Jain:

Picture him as the seasoned veteran. He’s a graduate from IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore, and also a Chartered Financial Analyst. He started in 1991 and joined HDFC in 2003. He’s the only one in India to manage a fund (HDFC Balanced Advantage Fund) for 25 years! That’s like a trusted family recipe passed down generations. He manages a massive Rs. 90,640 crore across 17 schemes, ensuring stability and growth for your investments.

3. Mr. Vinay R. Kulkarni:

Think of him as the tech-savvy investor. He’s an IIT Bombay and IIM Bangalore graduate with experience in software and fund management. He joined HDFC in 2006 and manages Rs. 14,950 crore across 10 schemes like Equity Savings and Taxsaver plans. He uses his tech background to make informed decisions and keep your investments safe.

4. Mr. Shobhit Mehrotra:

He has expertise in credit ratings and bond markets. He joined HDFC in 2004 and manages Rs. 36,709 crore across 22 schemes like Retirement Savings and Debt Funds. He focuses on generating steady income from bonds, making your investments less volatile.

5. Mr. Anupam Joshi:

Think of him as the fixed-income maestro. He joined HDFC in 2015 and manages Rs. 1.23 lakh crore across 11 schemes like Corporate Bond and Liquid Funds. He ensures your short-term investments are safe and provide good returns.

6. Mr. Anil Bamboli:

He’s a Chartered Financial Analyst with experience in various investment areas. He joined HDFC in 2003 and manages Rs. 44,541 crore across 22 schemes like Banking and PSU Debt Funds and Multi Asset Funds. He can mix and match different investment styles to suit your risk appetite and goals.

Who Should Invest in HDFC Mutual Funds?

HDFC Mutual Funds, a household name in India’s financial landscape, beckons with a diverse array of offerings. However, the question remains – are they the ideal partner for your investment journey?

Consider this: if your goal is steady wealth creation with measured risk, HDFC provides a haven in its low-risk debt funds. But are you an ambitious investor thirsty for exponential growth? Then their high-flying equity options might pique your interest. Even busy bees, seeking a convenient yet effective approach, can find solace in Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs) that nurture their savings like a banyan tree.

Of course, not every shoe fits every foot. If you chase the adrenaline rush of super-high returns or crave the granular control of minute-by-minute trading, HDFC might not be your soulmate. There are other funds in the vast investment universe catering to the thrill-seeker or the hands-on enthusiast.

How can you invest in HDFC Mutual Fund?

Investing in mutual funds offered by HDFC Mutual Fund  is a smart way to accumulate wealth for your financial goals. This can be done in a simple and convenient manner on FinPlay app.

Here are a few steps that you need to follow to invest in mutual funds with FinPlay.

  • Step 1: Download the FinPlay app and register with your mobile number.
  • Step 2: Select a mutual fund scheme of your choice.
  • Step 3: Select SIP or Lump sum mode and enter the amount of investment. Then tap on ‘Invest Now’.
  • Step 4: Enter mobile number and PAN number to get OTP. Submit OTP.
  • Step 5: Enter bank details and formality information
  • Step 5: Choose method of payment (UPI or Internet Banking) and tap “Invest Now” and make payment.


What is HDFC Mutual Fund?

HDFC Mutual Fund, set up in 1999, is a leading mutual fund investment company in India, managed by HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. It offers a wide range of investment options across various asset classes to cater to the diverse needs of investors.

What types of mutual fund schemes does HDFC offer?

HDFC Mutual Fund provides a comprehensive suite of around 149 investment schemes, including equity, debt, hybrid, ETFs, and Fund of Funds, aimed at wealth creation for every investor.

How much is HDFC Mutual Fund’s Assets Under Management (AUM) as of 2023?

As of November 2023, HDFC Mutual Fund manages an impressive ₹5.55 trillion in assets, reflecting its significant position in the Indian mutual fund market.

Who manages HDFC Mutual Fund?

HDFC Mutual Fund is managed by a team of experienced professionals, with Mr. Navneet Munot serving as the MD and CEO, and Mr. Prashant Jain as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

Can I invest in HDFC Mutual Fund online?

Yes, you can invest in HDFC Mutual Fund schemes online through the FinPlay app or website. The process is user-friendly and can be completed in a few simple steps.

Is HDFC Mutual Fund suitable for long-term investments?

HDFC Mutual Fund offers several schemes that are suitable for long-term investment horizons. Investors should choose schemes based on their financial goals, risk appetite, and investment duration.

Which HDFC Mutual Fund scheme has shown the best performance?

Performance can vary based on the time frame and market conditions. Investors should look at consistent performers over different periods and consider schemes that align with their investment objectives.

How does HDFC Mutual Fund ensure the diversification of its portfolio?

HDFC Mutual Fund invests across a broad spectrum of industries, sectors, and asset classes, ensuring a diversified investment portfolio that can mitigate risks and maximize potential returns.

Are there any risks involved in investing in HDFC Mutual Fund?

Like any investment, mutual funds carry certain risks, including market volatility and changes in economic conditions. However, HDFC Mutual Fund strives to manage these risks through expert fund management and strategic asset allocation.

How can I start a SIP with HDFC Mutual Fund?

Starting a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) with HDFC Mutual Fund is straightforward. You can initiate a SIP through the FinPlay app or by contacting an HDFC Mutual Fund advisor for guidance.

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