HSBC Mutual Fund: Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024AMCHSBC Mutual Fund: Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024

HSBC Mutual Fund: Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024

HSBC Mutual Fund: Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024
HSBC Mutual Fund: Latest MF Schemes, NAV, Performance & Returns 2024

HSBC Mutual Fund, a 21-year-old fund house in India, is an integral part of the global asset management arm of HSBC, boasting $662 billion in assets under its care across 23 countries as of September 2023. With its base in India managed by HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Private Limited, the fund house is recognized for its extensive array of investment solutions spanning equity, debt, and hybrid funds. At the helm are Kailash Kulkarni as CEO, Venugopal Manghat overseeing equities, and Shriram Ramanathan handling fixed income investments.

With a robust portfolio of 41 schemes, including 14 equity, 15 debt, 5 hybrid, and 7 other types, HSBC Mutual Fund has marked a significant presence in the Indian market, managing assets worth Rs 95,793.94 crores as of September 30, 2023. The fund house is not just about numbers; it’s about a deep-rooted history dating back over 150 years, offering a blend of local insight and global expertise. It operates under the stringent guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Board of India, with a mission to connect developed and developing worlds, unlocking sustainable investment opportunities for its vast clientele. With a network of over 1000 offices nationwide, HSBC Mutual Fund serves more than 1 million customers, underlining its commitment to delivering tailored investment strategies and maintaining its reputation as a trusted asset manager in the dynamic world of investments.

Top HSBC Mutual Fund Leading MF Schemes 2024

Top HSBC Mutual Fund Leading MF Schemes 2024
RankFund NameCategoryInvestment Objective3-Year Return5-Year Return10-Year Return
1HSBC Large Cap FundLarge CapInvest in large-cap companies for capital appreciation13.21%15.78%13.52%
2HSBC Multicap Equity FundMulti CapInvest across market capitalizations for long-term growth14.52%16.17%14.09%
3HSBC Mid Cap FundMid CapInvest in mid-cap companies for high growth potential24.29%26.53%21.27%
4HSBC Small Cap FundSmall CapInvest in small-cap companies for high potential returns31.94%34.07%24.82%
5HSBC Hybrid Equity FundEquity-Oriented HybridLong-term capital appreciation with equity focus16.08%17.32%15.14%
6HSBC Balanced Advantage FundBalanced HybridDynamic asset allocation between equity & debt11.89%13.32%12.07%
7HSBC Debt Income FundDebt (Income Oriented)Generate regular income through debt investments7.14%7.82%7.39%
8HSBC Short Duration Debt FundDebt (Short Term)Invest in debt instruments with maturities up to 3 years5.83%6.59%6.27%
9HSBC Liquid FundLiquid FundUp to 91 daysLow3.58%4.05%
10HSBC Tax Saver (ELSS) FundTax-Saving (ELSS)Capital appreciation with tax benefits19.48%21.87%18.25%
Top HSBC Mutual Fund Leading MF Schemes 2024

Key information

Key InformationDetails
Mutual fund nameHSBC Mutual Fund
Founded27 May 2002
AMC Incorporation Date12 December 2001
Sponsor nameHSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Private Limited
Trustee organisationBoard of Trustees, HSBC Mutual Fund
MD and CEOMr. Ravi Menon
CIOMr. Tushar Pradhan
Compliance OfficerMr. Sumesh Kumar
CustodiansStandard Chartered Bank
Key information

Overview of Top HSBC Mutual Fund Schemes 2024

HSBC Large Cap Fund

Ranked first, the HSBC Large Cap Fund focuses on capital appreciation by investing in large-cap companies known for their stable performance and solid market presence. The fund’s strategy often involves a lower risk profile with investments in industry leaders. With consistent three-year and five-year returns, investors might consider this fund for stable long-term growth, especially as large-cap companies tend to weather market volatility better.

HSBC Multicap Equity Fund

This multi-cap fund takes a diversified approach, investing across various market capitalizations, which allows for a balanced risk-return ratio. With flexibility to move between large, mid, and small-cap stocks, the fund aims to capture growth in bullish markets and stability during downturns, reflected in its strong long-term performance.

HSBC Mid Cap Fund

Mid-cap companies often offer higher growth potential, and the HSBC Mid Cap Fund seeks to capitalize on this. The fund’s higher returns over three, five, and ten-year periods suggest a successful strategy in selecting mid-cap companies that exhibit strong fundamentals and high growth potential.

HSBC Small Cap Fund

Targeting small-cap companies, this fund is positioned for investors with a higher risk appetite. Small caps can offer significant returns, as evidenced by the fund’s impressive performance. These companies, while volatile, present an opportunity for substantial capital appreciation.

HSBC Hybrid Equity Fund

As an equity-oriented hybrid fund, it aims for long-term capital growth with a primary focus on equities. The fund balances its portfolio with a mix of equity and debt, offering a middle ground for investors looking for growth with moderate risk.

HSBC Balanced Advantage Fund

This balanced hybrid fund dynamically allocates assets between equity and debt, adjusting the balance according to market conditions. The strategy aims to combine growth with income, offering investors regular returns with the potential for capital appreciation.

HSBC Debt Income Fund

Focused on generating regular income, the Debt Income Fund invests in a variety of debt instruments. It’s designed for investors seeking a steady income with lower risk, making it suitable for conservative investors prioritizing capital preservation.

HSBC Short Duration Debt Fund

Investing in short-term debt instruments, this fund aims to provide liquidity with moderate returns. Its investment in instruments with maturities up to three years is intended to minimize interest rate risk while offering better returns than a savings account.

HSBC Liquid Fund

The liquid fund is designed for investors seeking high liquidity and safety of capital. With a portfolio comprising instruments with maturities of up to 91 days, the fund provides a safe haven for short-term surplus cash.

HSBC Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund

This tax-saving fund provides the dual benefits of capital appreciation and tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. By investing in equities, the ELSS fund aims for long-term growth while offering tax deductions to investors.

Fund Categories

Top HSBC Equity Mutual Funds 2024

CategoryFund NameInvestment Objective3-Year Return5-Year Return10-Year ReturnRisk Level
Large CapHSBC Large Cap FundCapital appreciation through large-cap companies13.21%15.78%13.52%Moderate
HSBC Equity Opportunity FundFocuses on undervalued large-cap stocks for growth23.49%25.23%19.18%Moderate to High
Multi CapHSBC Multicap Equity FundLong-term growth across market capitalizations14.52%16.17%14.09%Moderate
Mid CapHSBC Mid Cap FundHigh growth potential in mid-cap companies24.29%26.53%21.27%High
HSBC Small & Midcap FundInvests in a mix of mid and small-cap companies for growth19.72%21.37%17.54%High
Small CapHSBC Small Cap FundHigh potential returns through small-cap investments31.94%34.07%24.82%High
Top HSBC Equity Mutual Funds 2024

Top HSBC Debt Mutual Funds 2024

CategoryFund NameAverage MaturityRisk Level3-Year Return5-Year Return10-Year Return
LiquidHSBC Liquid FundUp to 91 daysLow3.58%4.05%3.92%
Ultra-Short TermHSBC Ultra Short Duration FundUp to 91 daysLow3.65%4.12%4.08%
Short TermHSBC Short Duration Debt Fund1-3 yearsModerate5.83%6.59%6.27%
Low DurationHSBC Low Duration Debt Fund3-5 yearsModerate6.67%7.75%7.34%
Income OrientedHSBC Debt Income Fund5-7 yearsModerate7.14%7.82%7.39%
Corporate BondHSBC Corporate Bond Fund3-5 yearsHigh6.90%7.77%7.32%
Top HSBC Debt Mutual Funds 2024

Top HSBC Hybrid Mutual Funds 2024

CategoryFund NameInvestment StyleEquity AllocationRisk Level3-Year Return5-Year Return10-Year Return
Balanced AdvantageHSBC Balanced Advantage FundDynamic asset allocation60-80%Moderate11.89%13.32%12.07%
HSBC Dynamic Asset Allocation FundActively adjusts equity-debt mix based on market conditions40-80%Moderate14.25%15.58%13.71%
Equity-Oriented HybridHSBC Hybrid Equity FundLong-term capital appreciation with equity focus65-80%Moderate16.08%17.32%15.14%
HSBC Equity Savings FundInvests in equities for growth while aiming for regular income60-80%Moderate13.79%15.03%13.38%
Debt-Oriented HybridHSBC Balanced Moderate FundProvides income & capital protection with equity exposure20-40%Low7.92%8.67%8.25%
HSBC Regular Savings FundGenerates regular income with lower equity allocation20-40%Low7.05%7.74%7.39%
Top HSBC Hybrid Mutual Funds 2024

Top Fund Managers

Ravi Menon

Leading the charge as the CEO, Ravi Menon is a distinguished SIBM Pune alumnus, managing an impressive Rs. 11,553 Crore for the AMC. Menon, awarded the best Central Bank Governor in Asia-Pacific in 2018, has been a pioneer in recognizing the intricacies of modern markets and the dual-edged sword of technology. Beginning his journey with ANZ Grindlays in 1986, and later taking significant roles at UBS and HSBC, he has been at the forefront of HSBC Asset Management India since 2009.

Neelotpal Sahai

At the core of our equity strategies is Neelotpal Sahai, the Head of Equities. An alumnus of IIT Varanasi with a management diploma from IIM Kolkata, Sahai transitioned from tech giant Hewlett Packard to the financial realm, bringing unique insights from his time at IDFC and Infosys. Since 2013, he’s been masterfully overseeing the equity management at HSBC, including the stewardship of the HSBC Large Cap Equity Fund.

Tushar Pradhan

Our Chief Investment Officer, Tushar Pradhan, is a virtuoso with an MBA from the University of Hartford. His expertise spans across equity research, investment, and portfolio management. With a tenure at HDFC and a CIO position at AIG Investments, Pradhan joined HSBC Asset Management over a decade ago, bringing a strategic vision to the core assets of the AMC.

Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah, an IIM Ahmedabad graduate, brings two decades of investment banking expertise to his role as the Head of Fixed Income. His journey through SBI Mutual Fund, ICICI Bank, and Lehman Brothers has culminated in a decade-long tenure at HSBC, where he’s been pivotal in managing fixed income assets and spearheading international market operations.

Aditya Khemani

The Equities section is adeptly managed by Aditya Khemani, a fund manager with more than 14 years in investment and debt management. An IIM Lucknow alumnus, Khemani’s career arc has touched upon Morgan Stanley and Prudential ICICI, equipping him with a rich background in equity research and asset management. Since joining HSBC in 2007, he has adeptly overseen the Tax Saver Equity Fund and similar investment avenues, handling assets totaling Rs. 173 Crore.

Who Should Invest in HSBC Mutual Fund?

Long-term Investors: Those with a long-term horizon, aiming for retirement or wealth accumulation over years or decades, may find HSBC’s equity and hybrid funds suitable. These funds are designed to weather market volatility and compound wealth over time.

Risk-Averse Investors: If preserving capital is a priority, you might consider HSBC’s debt funds. These are generally lower-risk and provide regular income, making them ideal for conservative investors or those nearing retirement.

Tax-Conscious Investors: For individuals looking to optimize their taxes, HSBC’s ELSS funds offer tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, along with potential for capital appreciation.

Income Seekers: Investors in need of a steady income stream, such as retirees, could explore the income options within HSBC’s debt funds. These funds aim to deliver regular payouts from investments in fixed-income securities.

Growth Seekers: Those with a higher risk appetite, aiming for substantial growth, might find the mid-cap and small-cap funds appealing. While these come with higher volatility, they also offer the potential for higher returns.

Balanced Investors: Investors who prefer a balance between growth and stability may find HSBC’s balanced and hybrid funds attractive. These funds allocate assets across equities and fixed-income securities to offer a middle ground.

Market-Savvy Investors: Experienced investors who understand market trends and dynamics may leverage HSBC’s sectoral or thematic funds to bet on specific market segments they believe will outperform.


What is HSBC Mutual Fund’s investment approach?

HSBC Mutual Fund blends a deep-rooted history of over 150 years with local insight and global expertise. It offers a diverse range of investment solutions, including equity, debt, and hybrid funds, catering to various investor needs and risk profiles.

How many schemes does HSBC Mutual Fund offer?

HSBC Mutual Fund provides a robust portfolio of 41 schemes, which includes 14 equity, 15 debt, 5 hybrid, and 7 other types, addressing the different investment objectives of its clientele.

What is the asset under management size of HSBC Mutual Fund in India?

As of September 30, 2023, HSBC Mutual Fund manages assets worth Rs 95,793.94 crores in the Indian market.

Who are the key fund managers at HSBC Mutual Fund?

The key fund managers include Ravi Menon as CEO, Neelotpal Sahai as the Head of Equities, Tushar Pradhan as CIO, Sanjay Shah as the Head of Fixed Income, and Aditya Khemani as the Fund Manager of the Equities section.

What types of investors should consider HSBC Mutual Fund?

HSBC Mutual Fund is suited for a range of investors, from those seeking long-term capital growth and tax benefits to income seekers and risk-averse individuals looking for stable returns.

Are HSBC Mutual Funds suitable for tax saving?

Yes, HSBC offers Equity-Linked Savings Schemes (ELSS) that not only aim for capital appreciation but also provide tax benefits under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act.

What kind of returns can investors expect from HSBC Mutual Funds?

While returns vary by fund and investment period, HSBC Mutual Funds have demonstrated strong performance with competitive three-year, five-year, and ten-year returns across various fund categories.

How does HSBC Mutual Fund ensure a diverse investment portfolio?

HSBC Mutual Fund invests across various market capitalizations and industries, employing both local and global market insights to build a diversified investment portfolio.

What makes HSBC Mutual Fund a trusted asset manager?

With over 1 million customers and a network of 1000 offices in India, HSBC Mutual Fund is recognized for its commitment to delivering tailored investment strategies and adhering to the stringent guidelines of the Securities and Exchange Board of India.

How has HSBC Mutual Fund adapted to market volatility?

HSBC Mutual Fund’s strategies include dynamic asset allocation, prudent risk management, and continuous market analysis, allowing it to navigate and capitalize on market volatility effectively.

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