Is Travel Insurance Necessary? Benefits of getting Travel Insurance.UncategorizedIs Travel Insurance Necessary? Benefits of getting Travel Insurance.

Is Travel Insurance Necessary? Benefits of getting Travel Insurance.

Dreaming about a vacation, making it a part of your life goals, investing in it, planning the entire trip and counting days until we could go on a dream vacation. Sounds satisfying, doesn’t it? After planning the entire trip and dreaming about a relaxing and peaceful vacation we end up not going or find our bags missing or losing our wallet or passport. This sounds disturbing. We will end up losing the money we have invested to go on a vacation with no reimbursement. The factors that are beyond our control will affect our vacation and we end up losing all our money. Would we want that? Definitely not! So what can be done to secure our trip and money?

I have two words to say. Travel Insurance.

Travelling can take us to the most beautiful sceneries but they can come with a fair share of risks. If you value your peace of mind then travel insurance is necessary.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is the insurance that is intended to cover expenses related to a trip in case of any uncertainty. These generally cover medical expenses, trip cancellation expenses, lost luggage, and passport, or any other losses incurred on a domestic or international trip.

What All Does Travel Insurance Cover?

Travel insurance in general covers certain types of uncertainties. Here’s a list of emergencies covered by travel insurance.

Flight cancellation or delay expenses

In case of any expenses occurred during a delay in flights or cancellation of flights, travel insurance covers these expenses. One can claim the expenses of booking a flight in case of cancellation of a flight or missing a connecting flight due to delay in the first flight.

Medical emergency

Any medical emergency during a vacation leading to unexpected hospital and medical expenses can be claimed. We never know when an emergency will knock on our door, even after carrying all the necessary medicines and taking precautions of not falling sick on the trip. The hospital costs might come as a surprise to us and can leave a big hole in our pockets. So it’s better to have an insurance that covers all these expenses.

Baggage loss

Losing or misplacing luggage either due to our irresponsibility or the airline’s mistake can cost us a lot. We might have packed everything needed to have a wonderful trip but due to loss of baggage, we might end up losing the spirit of vacation. But having travel insurance will at least give us confidence that we will be reimbursed for these extra unexpected expenses.

Loss of wallet and passport

Just a few days into your vacation you lose your passport or wallet. This can come as a nasty surprise. Our entire travel plans will be doomed if we lose our wallet or passport in an unknown country with no one to help us. Travel insurance will come handy during these times. Travel insurances now have a facility to give an emergency cash advance in these situations.

Evacuation due to natural calamity and political unrest

During your vacation, the place you visited might face a natural calamity or have political unrest leading to riots or may be attacked by terrorists. One doesn’t wish for any of these situations during their vacation but god forbid of one may have to face them there will be extra expenses one has to incur to evacuate the place immediately. It can be flight ticket expenses or stay expenses or any other expense for that matter will be covered by travel insurance. Travel insurances also reimburse prepaid expenses in case the traveller is unable to enjoy the privileges he/she paid for due to an emergency.

Why is it Important to Take Travel Insurance?

Travelling is for everyone. It can be for people who want to travel on a budget and for those who want to spend lavishly on a trip. For the first set of people spending an extra thousand can also be a major expense. Therefore, to save us from those unexpected expenses taking travel insurance is necessary. For some, this might look like an extra expense but you never know when we have to face uncertainty. So having travel insurance comes in handy always.

Let’s say you belong to the second category where you don’t mind spending extra for a trip. But, travel insurance is very crucial if you value your peace of mind. Let’s say you are in a position to bear all unexpected expenses but one will always have a feeling that they spent more than what is needed on a trip due to a certain emergency. Having travel insurance will give us a sense of safety that our risks are covered.


Travel insurance acts as a companion on unknown lands where we might end up losing our luggage or passport or wallet. So having travel insurance comes handy in these situations. Make wise decisions while traveling. Include the cost of travel insurance while calculation traveling costs.

Happy Travelling!

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