Know what it takes to create Rs.100 crore AUM from MFDsIndian Stock MarketKnow what it takes to create Rs.100 crore AUM from MFDs

Know what it takes to create Rs.100 crore AUM from MFDs

Know what it takes to create Rs.100 crore AUM from MFDs

MFDs Jayesh Pattani and Rahul Jain recently achieved the remarkable feat of entering the Rs.100 crore club. In a candid discussion with Cafemutual, they reveal the three pivotal factors driving their business growth.

Know what it takes to create Rs.100 crore AUM from MFDs

Jayesh Pattani, Porbandar, Gujarat:

  1. Help people with other aspects of finance: Jayesh believes in going the extra mile. While clients often approach him with queries beyond mutual funds, such as asset transmission and insurance claims, he diligently addresses these issues. This commitment helps him build lasting relationships, leading to client referrals.
  2. Have a socially good name: Jayesh’s involvement with various NGOs not only serves a noble purpose but also enhances his professional presence. Clients appreciate MFDs engaged in social initiatives, which not only adds to his reputation but also fosters a positive brand image.
  3. Show genuine concern: Jayesh’s meticulous approach involves saving clients’ portfolio details before every meeting. This practice creates a reference point for discussions, enabling him to showcase comparative performance. By consistently documenting portfolio details over multiple meetings, he builds a comprehensive timeline of their investment journey, assuring clients of his personal commitment and genuine concern.

Rahul Jain of GR Finvisors, Udaipur, Rajasthan:

  1. Replace competitive products with client interest: Rahul firmly believes in prioritizing clients’ interests above all else. He often recommends alternatives like bank fixed deposits and public provident funds when they align better with clients’ needs, challenging the notion of competition among financial products.
  2. Have dedicated efforts and funds for marketing: Rahul allocates a fixed monthly budget for marketing activities, primarily invested in creating social media videos. In addition to mutual funds, he addresses a wide range of financial topics, including personal finance, international investment avenues, and budget-friendly tips, all aimed at helping investors improve their financial well-being.
  3. Focus on increasing client reach: Rahul actively conducts seminar marketing sessions to expand his client base. Regular webinars cater to diverse audiences across various cities, with social media serving as a powerful promotional tool. His efforts have not only brought in local clients but also attracted NRIs and OCIs through webinars, reflecting his commitment to reaching a broader audience.

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