List of Mutual Fund Houses(AMCs) that lead in T30 space

In the ever-evolving landscape of India’s mutual fund industry, the T30 cities – representing the top 30 urban markets – have become a focal point for asset management companies. The latest data from September 2023 offers a revealing look into which fund houses are commanding this crucial segment. This analysis delves deep into the assets under management (AUM) dynamics, highlighting key players and trends in the T30 space.

List of Mutual Fund Houses(AMCs) that lead in T30 space

Analysis of T30 Mutual Fund Market Leaders:

September 2023’s AUM data unveils that SBI Mutual Fund (MF) stands as the undisputed leader in the T30 segment. With an impressive AUM of Rs 6.61 lakh crore, it’s the only entity crossing the Rs 5 lakh crore mark in T30 assets. This positions SBI MF not just as a market leader but as a trendsetter in the mutual fund industry.

Close on its heels are ICICI Prudential MF and HDFC MF, securing the second and third positions with T30 assets of Rs 4.98 lakh crore and Rs 4.35 lakh crore, respectively. These figures not only demonstrate their market clout but also reflect the trust and confidence they enjoy among urban investors.

Kotak MF and Nippon India MF round off the top five, showcasing substantial T30 assets of Rs 3 lakh crore and Rs 2.90 lakh crore. This indicates their strategic focus on urban centers and their ability to cater to the sophisticated needs of city-based investors.

Further down the list, Aditya Birla Sun Life MF and Axis MF report robust figures, solidifying their positions in the T30 league. UTI MF, Mirae Asset MF, and Bandhan MF complete the top ten, each managing significant AUMs and demonstrating their expertise in navigating the urban mutual fund landscape.

Beyond the absolute numbers, a percentage-based analysis sheds light on another dimension of the T30 space. Here, Edelweiss MF emerges as a significant player, with a staggering 96% of its assets concentrated in T30 cities. This is a clear indicator of their strategic focus and deep penetration in these markets.

Other noteworthy performers on a percentage basis include Bandhan MF and 360 ONE MF, both showing an impressive concentration of their assets in T30 cities. This underlines their targeted approach and effective strategies tailored for urban markets.

The analysis also reveals a strong presence of other major players like Kotak MF, HSBC MF, and Invesco MF in the T30 segment, each managing a high percentage of their assets in these urban centers. This reflects their adeptness in aligning with the investment preferences of city-based investors.

Conclusion: The landscape of India’s T30 mutual fund market is both dynamic and competitive. Leading fund houses like SBI MF, ICICI Prudential MF, and HDFC MF have solidified their positions through substantial asset management. At the same time, firms like Edelweiss MF demonstrate a focused strategy with a high percentage of T30 assets. This detailed analysis not only underscores the current market dynamics but also offers insights for investors and industry observers looking to understand the nuances of India’s urban mutual fund sector.

Detailed Insights into India’s T30 Mutual Fund Market (September 2023)

Sr NoMutual Fund HouseTotal Monthly Average AUM (in Rs crore)T30 Average AUM (in Rs crore)% of AUM in T30 Cities
1SBI MF8,37,8996,61,06379%
2ICICI Prudential MF5,92,6134,98,00884%
3HDFC MF5,33,5534,34,56481%
4Kotak MF3,37,9512,99,99589%
5Nippon India MF3,61,8132,89,87880%
6Aditya Birla Sun Life MF3,06,3642,53,28283%
7Axis MF2,60,7502,12,37381%
8UTI MF2,67,7122,06,68877%
9Mirae Asset MF1,44,3751,22,86785%
10Bandhan (Erstwhile IDFC) MF1,25,6331,14,45291%
11DSP MF1,32,3691,11,96885%
12Tata MF1,30,0131,08,46083%
13Edelweiss MF1,12,3821,07,32996%
14HSBC MF99,82587,39388%
15Canara Robeco MF77,35260,23378%
16Franklin Templeton MF75,32760,23180%
17Invesco MF59,81952,13287%
18Sundaram MF49,99340,36281%
19PPFAS MF47,95437,75279%
20Motilal Oswal MF36,14430,79385%
21quant MF35,31726,17974%
22Baroda BNP Paribas MF32,09925,98481%
23LIC MF25,20620,72082%
24PGIM India MF23,34618,97781%
25Mahindra Manulife MF13,73410,48576%
26Union MF13,0679,16070%
27360 ONE (Erstwhile IIFL) MF6,4265,84691%
28Bank of India MF5,3284,16278%
29ITI MF4,9113,74776%
30NJ MF4,7273,61076%
Grand Total47,54,00139,18,69182%
Comprehensive Table: Detailed Insights into the Top T30 Mutual Fund Houses in India (September 2023)

Note: The table ranks the fund houses based on their September 2023 T30 assets. The numbers in brackets indicate the September 2023 overall rankings.

This comprehensive table provides a detailed breakdown of the mutual fund houses’ performance in the T30 cities, serving as a valuable resource for investors and industry analysts alike.

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