Srinivasa Rao Marupilla is a qualified mutual fund distributor with an active ARN in VIJAYAWADA with 520001.


The ARN of  Srinivasa Rao Marupilla is 120347. You can contact them by writing an email to or visit or send a courier to their registered address at D No 4-36-49/1,Bhimana Vari Peta, Thammina Krishna Street, Chitti Nagar,. 


The validity of ARN is for 3 years and needs to be renewed every 3 years going to CAMS office. 


Is their KYD(Know your distributor is verified – Yes


Their EUIN(Employee Unique Identification Number) is E186403. EUIN is a unique unique identification number allotted to the employee/ salespersons/relationship managers of the AMFI registered distributors interacting with the investors for the sale of mutual fund schemes. It is mandatory to have an EUIN for atleast one employee in a corporate involved in mutual fund distribution business. 


Basic Information of Srinivasa Rao Marupilla  is as follows:


ARN Holder’s Name Srinivasa Rao Marupilla
ARN 120347
Registered Address D No 4-36-49/1,Bhimana Vari Peta, Thammina Krishna Street, Chitti Nagar,
Registered email address
Pincode 520001
Telephone(residential) 7386009634
Telephone(Office) 08662565892
ARN valid from 03-Feb-2023
ARN valid till 13-Feb-2026
KYC compliant Yes
EUIN E186403



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AMFI-registered Mutual Fund Distributor ARN-192179


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