Shankar Sharma’s Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & LearningsFInancial NewsShankar Sharma’s Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Learnings

Shankar Sharma’s Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Learnings

Shankar Sharma's Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Learnings

Step into the world of extraordinary investment brilliance with Mr. Shankar Sharma. Known for his unconventional approach to the stock market, he has garnered the attention and admiration of seasoned investors and curious onlookers alike. Within the pages of the Shankar Sharma Portfolio lies a mesmerizing collection of unconventional choices and hidden gems, showcasing his unparalleled knack for identifying opportunities that often elude others. Join us as we embark on an exhilarating expedition through the captivating world of the Shankar Sharma Portfolio, uncovering the stories that define his remarkable investment journey, and delving into the strategies and philosophies that have propelled him to extraordinary heights of success.

Shankar Sharma's Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Learnings

Who is Shankar Sharma? Shankar Sharma, a seasoned investor and esteemed financial analyst, is a prominent figure in the Indian stock market. He is the founder of GQuant Investech, a renowned wealth management firm, and previously served as the managing director of First Global, a notable financial services company. Shankar Sharma is widely recognized for his contributions to financial publications and appearances on television channels. After graduating from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, Sharma embarked on his career as a stockbroker in the early 1980s. In 1994, he established First Global and subsequently ventured into the realm of GQuant Investech in 2015. Sharma has garnered acclaim for his exceptional stock-picking abilities and astute market trend analysis. Notably, he made noteworthy investment calls, such as his early recognition of the potential in the Indian IT sector during the 1990s. Furthermore, he passionately advocates for investing in small-cap stocks, emphasizing their growth potential.

Highlights of Shankar Sharma:

  • Forbes magazine titled him “The Alchemist of Dalal Street” in 2007.
  • Featured in esteemed publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and CNBC.
  • Founded First Global in 1994, a significant milestone in his career.
  • Launched GQuant Investech in 2015, further expanding his financial expertise.

List of Stocks in Shankar Sharma’s Latest Portfolio (2023): Here is a list of Shankar Sharma’s holdings as of June 30, 2023, which includes stocks from both NSE and BSE:

Stock NameMarket Cap
Brightcom Group Ltd.₹6,007 Cr
Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd.₹56 Cr
Shreyas Intermediates Ltd.₹77 Cr
Natraj Proteins Ltd.₹18 Cr
Priti International Ltd.₹196 Cr
Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd.
Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Ltd.₹113 Cr
Ajanta Pharma Ltd.₹18,626 Cr
Orient Green Power Company Ltd.₹818 Cr
Rolta India Ltd.₹32 Cr

Overview of Stocks in the Shankar Sharma Portfolio: Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the stocks in Shankar Sharma’s portfolio:

  1. Brightcom Group Ltd.
    • A global digital transformation solutions provider.
    • Offers IT consulting, software development, and cloud computing services.
    • Strong presence in the US, Europe, and Asia.
    • Stock has doubled in value over the past year.
  2. Supreme Infrastructure India Ltd.
    • Specializes in infrastructure projects in the construction sector.
    • Known for successful project execution.
    • Currently bidding on large-scale projects.
  3. Shreyas Intermediates Ltd.
    • Manufactures dyes, pigments, and surfactants in the speciality chemicals sector.
    • Expanding operations internationally.
    • Poised to benefit from the growing Indian economy.
  4. Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd.
    • A drone technology company offering mapping, photography, and delivery services.
    • Potential to become a significant player in the drone industry.
  5. Ishan Dyes & Chemicals Ltd.
    • Manufacturer of dyes and pigments.
    • Strong presence in the Indian market.
    • Expanding operations abroad.

Shankar Sharma’s Investment in 2023: On March 31, 2023, Shankar Sharma purchased 2.4 lakh shares of Droneacharya Aerial Innovations Ltd.

Graphical Representation of Shankar Sharma’s Stock Picks in 2023:

[Insert graphical representation]

Shankar Sharma’s Net Worth Trend: Shankar Sharma’s net worth experienced a decline throughout 2023 due to market volatility:

  • December 2022: ₹164.8 crore
  • March 2023: ₹99.0 crore
  • June 2023: ₹88.4 crore

Please note that these figures are estimates and may not precisely reflect Sharma’s actual net worth.

Investment Strategy of Shankar Sharma: Shankar Sharma’s investment approach encompasses the following key strategies:

  1. Emphasis on Long-Term Investing:
    • Focuses on the long term, disregarding short-term market fluctuations.
    • Adopts a “buy and hold” mentality.
  2. Selection of Quality Companies:
    • Invests solely in companies with strong fundamentals and effective management.
    • Seeks out companies with a competitive edge and a proven track record of profitability.
  3. Portfolio Diversification:
    • Underscores the importance of diversifying one’s portfolio across various sectors and industries.
    • Mitigates risk and optimizes potential returns.
  4. Embracing Small-Cap Stocks:
    • Strong belief in the potential of small-cap stocks to deliver superior returns.
    • Acknowledges their volatility but emphasizes thorough research.
  5. Avoiding Panic Selling:
    • Advises against panic selling during market downturns.
    • Views such periods as opportunities to purchase high-quality stocks at discounted prices.

Learnings from Shankar Sharma: Here are key takeaways from Shankar Sharma’s investment approach:

  • Prioritize companies with strong fundamentals and effective management.
  • Diversify your portfolio to mitigate risk and maximize returns.
  • Explore opportunities in small-cap stocks with thorough research.
  • View market downturns as buying opportunities, not reasons to panic.
  • Challenge prevailing market sentiments and adopt a contrarian approach.
  • Practice patience, discipline, and avoid impulsive actions.

Conclusion: Shankar Sharma’s portfolio serves as a shining example of his remarkable prowess in the investment arena. By staying informed, adapting to market conditions, and remaining true to your investment principles, you can strive towards building a portfolio that stands the test of time. The lessons learned from the Shankar Sharma Portfolio can pave the way for your own financial success.

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