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Top 30 Leading Mutual Funds in Retail Asset Management

Top 30 Leading Mutual Funds in Retail Asset Management

As of September 2023, four notable mutual fund houses – HDFC MF, SBI MF, ICICI Prudential MF, and Nippon India MF – have distinguished themselves by managing over Rs 1 lakh crore in retail assets each.

Top 30 Leading Mutual Funds in Retail Asset Management

Key Highlights of Retail Asset Management in Mutual Funds

Retail investors play a pivotal role in the mutual fund industry. As of September 2023, they hold a substantial 26% of the total mutual fund assets managed by the top 30 fund houses. This article delves into the specifics of these investments, highlighting how retail participation varies across different mutual fund brands.

Comprehensive Breakdown of Retail AUM in Leading Mutual Funds

  1. HDFC Mutual Fund ranks third overall, with a significant ₹1,46,393 crore in retail AUM, forming 27% of its total.
  2. SBI Mutual Fund, the leader in overall assets, sees a lower proportion of 16% in retail, amounting to ₹1,34,108 crore.
  3. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund secures 20% of its assets from retail investors, tallying ₹1,19,328 crore.
  4. Nippon India Mutual Fund shows a strong retail presence, with 30% of its assets (₹1,09,892 crore) coming from this segment.
  5. Axis Mutual Fund, ranked eighth, has an impressive 36% retail contribution, equating to ₹93,774 crore.
  6. UTI Mutual Fund demonstrates a 29% retail holding, amounting to ₹78,917 crore.
  7. Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund has a quarter of its assets in retail, totaling ₹77,452 crore.
  8. Mirae Asset Mutual Fund stands out with a 45% retail participation, translating to ₹64,458 crore.
  9. Kotak Mutual Fund maintains a 17% retail stake with ₹58,017 crore.
  10. DSP Mutual Fund matches Axis in retail percentage (36%), holding ₹48,004 crore.

The list continues down to the 30th rank, with NJ Mutual Fund, accounting for a 17% retail share at ₹801 crore.

Key Observations and Trends

  • Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund and Canara Robeco Mutual Fund stand out for their high retail investor percentage, at 54% and 46%, respectively.
  • Interestingly, Edelweiss Mutual Fund shows a relatively low retail participation at just 8%.
  • The overall trend indicates a robust and diverse retail investor base in the Indian mutual fund sector, with varying degrees of participation across different fund houses.

Top Performers in Retail Asset Management

  • HDFC MF leads the pack with a remarkable Rs 1.47 lakh crore in retail assets.
  • SBI MF follows closely with Rs 1.34 lakh crore, while ICICI Prudential MF and Nippon India MF manage Rs 1.19 lakh crore and Rs 1.10 lakh crore, respectively.

Emerging Contenders

  • Axis MF ranks fifth, managing substantial retail assets worth Rs 93,774 crore.
  • Other significant players include UTI MF with Rs 78,917 crore, Aditya Birla Sun Life MF at Rs 77,452 crore, Mirae Asset MF with Rs 64,458 crore, Kotak MF at Rs 58,017 crore, and DSP MF managing Rs 48,004 crore.

Percentage-Based Rankings

  • Franklin Templeton MF stands out with 54% of its AUM in retail assets, the highest in the industry.
  • Following are quant MF with 49%, PPFAS MF and Canara Robeco MF each with 48% and 46%, and Sundaram MF and Mirae Asset MF tied at 45%.

Overall Retail AUM Impact

  • Retail AUM accounts for 26% of the total MF assets among the top 30 fund houses.

Comprehensive Data on Mutual Funds and Retail Assets (September 2023)

Sr NoMutual FundTotal Average AUM (₹ in Crore)Retail Investors Average AUM (₹ in Crore)% of Retail AUM
1HDFC (3)5,33,5531,46,39327%
2SBI (1)8,37,8991,34,10816%
3ICICI Prudential (2)5,92,6131,19,32820%
4Nippon India (4)3,61,8131,09,89230%
5Axis (8)2,60,75093,77436%
6UTI (7)2,67,71278,91729%
7Aditya Birla Sun Life (6)3,06,36477,45225%
8Mirae Asset (9)1,44,37564,45845%
9Kotak (5)3,37,95158,01717%
10DSP (10)1,32,36948,00436%
11Franklin Templeton (16)75,32740,93254%
12Canara Robeco (15)77,35235,75846%
13Tata (11)1,30,01332,61825%
14HSBC (14)99,82531,26331%
15PPFAS (19)47,95422,89548%
16Sundaram (18)49,99322,59045%
17Bandhan (Erstwhile IDFC) (12)1,25,63319,65216%
18quant (21)35,31717,26049%
19Invesco (17)59,81915,71526%
20Motilal Oswal (20)36,14412,65135%
21PGIM India (24)23,3469,61741%
22Edelweiss (13)1,12,3828,5658%
23Baroda BNP Paribas (22)32,0997,16722%
24LIC (23)25,2065,64522%
25Mahindra Manulife (25)13,7344,88336%
26Union (26)13,0674,03831%
27Bank of India (28)5,3281,86735%
28ITI (29)4,9111,45730%
29360 ONE (Erstwhile IIFL) (27)6,42688714%
30NJ (30)4,72780117%


  • 1: The fund houses are listed in the order of their retail assets as of September 2023.
  • 2: The numbers in brackets next to the mutual fund names indicate their rankings as of September 2023.

This table provides a clear and comprehensive overview of the retail AUM distribution across the top 30 mutual fund houses, along with their rankings for a specific period.

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