Vijay Kedia’s Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & LearningsFInancial NewsVijay Kedia’s Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Learnings

Vijay Kedia’s Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Learnings

Vijay Kedia's Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Learnings

Step into the world of investment prowess with a dash of quirkiness as we introduce you to the enigmatic Mr. Vijay Kedia. A maverick in the stock markets, he has caught the attention of both seasoned investors and curious onlookers with his unique style and unassuming charm.

Vijay Kedia's Latest Portfolio 2024: Investment Insights & Learnings

The Vijay Kedia Portfolio is a treasure trove of hidden gems and unconventional picks, reflecting his knack for spotting opportunities where others might hesitate. In this blog, we delve into the captivating world of Vijay Kedia, unveiling the stories behind his investment journey and uncovering the strategies that have catapulted him to success.

Table of Contents

  1. Who is Vijay Kedia?
  2. List of Stocks in Vijay Kedia’s Latest Portfolio 2023
  3. Overview of Stocks in Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio
    • Elecon Engineering Ltd
    • Vaibhav Global Ltd
    • Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd
  4. Vijay Kedia’s Multibagger Stocks
  5. Vijay Kedia’s Penny Stocks
  6. Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio – Sector-Wise Investment
  7. Vijay Kedia’s Latest Investment & Disinvestment (2023)
    • Shares Purchased By Vijay Kedia in 2023
    • Shares Sold By Vijay Kedia in 2023
  8. Vijay Kedia’s Net-Worth Trend
  9. Investment Strategy of Vijay Kedia
  10. Learnings from Vijay Kedia
  11. Final Thoughts

Who is Vijay Kedia? Vijay Kedia, an Indian stock trader and investor, is the founder and managing director of Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd., a distinguished stock broking firm. Known for his contrarian investing style and his ability to navigate both bull and bear markets, Kedia has left an indelible mark on the investment landscape.

Born in Kolkata in 1962, Kedia embarked on his stock market journey at the age of 17, swiftly establishing himself as a successful trader. In 1993, he founded Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd., which has since evolved into a leading stock brokerage firm in India.

Kedia’s unconventional path to success is characterized by his self-taught approach and voracious reading habits, solidifying his status as a luminary in the investment community. His accolades include being awarded the “Trader of the Year” by the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2004 and being featured in Forbes magazine’s list of the top 100 richest Indians in 2018. Additionally, he has authored several books on stock trading and is a sought-after speaker at investment conferences.

List of Stocks in Vijay Kedia’s Latest Portfolio 2023 As of March 31, 2023, Vijay Kedia’s publicly disclosed portfolio comprises the following holdings:

Stock NameHolding PercentageChange from the Previous QuarterHolding Value (in Crores)
Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd.12.07%New45.2
Innovators Facade Systems Ltd.10.66%027.9
Repro India Ltd.7.12%0.0453.4
Atul Auto Ltd.7.05%New59.3
Vaibhav Global Ltd.1.95%0100.9
Elecon Engineering Company Ltd.1.94%0125.1
Sudarshan Chemical Companies Ltd.1.44%049.1
Talbros Automotive Components Ltd.1.31%010.4
Panasonic Energy India Company Ltd.1.24%02.2
Ramco Systems Ltd.1.14%-0.3010.5
Siyaram Silk Mills Ltd.1.08%0.0128.3
Precision Camshafts Ltd.1.05%New16.9
Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.1.02%060.0

Note: Several of these stocks were part of Vijay Kedia’s 2022 portfolio. All these shares are traded on NSE and BSE.

Overview of Stocks in Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio

Elecon Engineering Ltd: Elecon Engineering is a leading provider of electrical and mechanical engineering solutions for the railway, defense, and industrial sectors. The company’s strong presence in India extends to exporting its products and services globally. In the railway sector, Elecon Engineering offers a wide range of products and services, including signaling and telecom systems, rolling stock, and electrification systems. The defense sector benefits from the company’s weapons systems, radar systems, and communication systems, while the industrial sector enjoys automation systems, process control systems, and power generation solutions. Over the last five years, Elecon Engineering has maintained impressive growth, with its revenue achieving a CAGR of 15%, and net profit margin increasing from 5% in FY18 to 8% in FY22.

Vaibhav Global Ltd: Vaibhav Global is a prominent provider of electronic components and modules for consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial applications. Operating not only in India but also in international markets, the company offers a diverse range of products, including PCBs, connectors, LED modules, sensors, actuators, and wiring harnesses. Over the past five years, Vaibhav Global has exhibited robust growth, with a CAGR of 20% in revenue and a noteworthy improvement in net profit margin, rising from 5% in FY18 to 8% in FY22.

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd: Mahindra Holidays and Resorts India Ltd is a key player in vacation ownership and leisure travel services within India. The company, which is expanding its operations globally, offers a wide array of vacation ownership and leisure travel products and services, including timeshares, fractional ownership, vacation rentals, travel planning, transportation, and accommodation. The company has enjoyed consistent growth over the last five years, with its revenue increasing at a CAGR of 15%, accompanied by an improved net profit margin from 5% in FY18 to 8% in FY22.

Vijay Kedia’s Multibagger Stocks Vijay Kedia’s portfolio includes several multibagger stocks that have generated substantial returns over the years. Some notable multibagger stocks in his portfolio include:

  • Atul Auto: A leading manufacturer and seller of auto-rickshaws in India, this stock has delivered returns of over 1,000% in the past decade.
  • Cera Sanitaryware: As a prominent manufacturer and seller of sanitaryware products in India, this stock has witnessed returns exceeding 500% in the last 10 years.
  • Heritage Foods: This company specializes in dairy product manufacturing and sales, achieving returns of over 300% in the past decade.
  • Precision Camshafts: As a leading manufacturer of camshafts for the automotive industry, this stock has generated returns of over 200% in the last 10 years.
  • Repro India: A leading provider of reprographic services in India, this stock has yielded returns of over 100% in the last decade.

Vijay Kedia’s Penny Stocks In addition to multibagger stocks, Vijay Kedia has also ventured into penny stocks, those priced below ₹100 per share. Some of the penny stocks in his portfolio include:

  • Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd: Providing turnkey automation solutions for various industries.
  • Innovators Facade Systems Ltd: A manufacturer and supplier of precast concrete products.
  • Repro India Ltd: A provider of reprographic services.
  • Atul Auto Ltd: A manufacturer and seller of auto-rickshaws.
  • Vaibhav Global Ltd: Offering engineering and construction services.

Vijay Kedia’s Portfolio – Sector-Wise Investment Vijay Kedia’s portfolio predominantly comprises holdings in the following sectors:

Automotive: Kedia has substantial investments in the automotive sector, with stakes in companies such as Atul Auto, Precision Camshafts, and Patel Engineering. These companies are actively involved in manufacturing automotive components and are poised to benefit from the growth of the Indian automotive market.

Engineering: Kedia has also allocated significant resources to the engineering sector, with investments in companies like Elecon Engineering. These firms operate across various engineering domains, including manufacturing, construction, and infrastructure development, positioning them favorably to capitalize on India’s economic growth.

Hotels: Recognizing the potential in the hospitality sector, Kedia has invested in the hotel industry. He sees opportunities in established hotel chains and businesses operating in travel and tourism. His substantial stake in the hotel industry includes investments in companies such as Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India.

FMCG: While relatively smaller in this sector, Kedia maintains investments in FMCG stocks like Heritage Foods and Cera Sanitaryware. These companies manufacture and sell consumer goods, tapping into the expanding Indian middle-class market.

Vijay Kedia Latest Investment & Disinvestment (2023) In 2023, Vijay Kedia has been actively trading various stocks. Here are some of the shares owned and traded by him in 2023:

Shares Purchased By Vijay Kedia in 2023

  • Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd: Acquired 10 Lakh Shares.
  • Innovators Facade Systems Ltd: Acquired 5 Lakh Shares.
  • Repro India Ltd: Acquired 2 Lakh Shares.
  • Atul Auto Ltd: Acquired 1 Lakh Shares.
  • Vaibhav Global Ltd: Acquired 50,000 Shares.

Shares Sold By Vijay Kedia in 2023

  • Patel Engineering Ltd: Sold 1 Lakh Shares.
  • Precision Camshafts Ltd: Sold 50,000 Shares.
  • Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd: Sold 25,000 Shares.
  • Sudarshan Chemical Industries Ltd: Sold 10,000 Shares.
  • Talbros Automotive Components Ltd: Sold 5,000 Shares.

Vijay Kedia Net-Worth Trend Vijay Kedia’s net worth has exhibited a consistent upward trajectory in recent years, mirroring the success of his unique investment strategy. Starting at ₹265 crore (US$35 million) in 2015, his net worth has grown to ₹950 crore (US$120 million) by 2023.

Several factors contribute to this remarkable journey. Kedia’s investment strategy, characterized by identifying undervalued stocks and generating strong returns, has been instrumental. His ability to recognize stocks trading below their intrinsic value has played a pivotal role in his financial ascent.

Furthermore, the expansion of the Indian stock market has provided Kedia with a wider range of investment opportunities. As the market has grown, he has seized the potential of undervalued stocks, capitalizing on the market’s increasing size.

The rise of the Indian middle class has significantly impacted Kedia’s investments. With a larger middle-class population, there has been increased demand for goods and services, benefiting the companies in his portfolio. This surge in the Indian middle class has created favorable market conditions for his investments.

Investment Strategy of Vijay Kedia Vijay Kedia’s investment strategy stands out as a unique blend of elements that set him apart in the stock market. He specializes in finding hidden opportunities and investing in undervalued stocks with growth potential, avoiding the allure of popular trends or crowd-following.

Kedia is renowned for his long-term approach to investing, believing in the power of compounding and holding onto investments for extended periods to ride the wave of growth. His contrarian mindset leads him to explore untapped opportunities that others often overlook, making him a master at finding hidden gems.

Risk management is a top priority for Kedia. He emphasizes thorough research, risk understanding, and maintaining a diversified portfolio to manage risks effectively while pursuing substantial returns.

In summary, Vijay Kedia’s investment strategy is a fusion of identifying undervalued stocks, adopting a long-term perspective, thinking differently from the crowd, and maintaining rigorous risk management practices.

Learnings from Vijay Kedia Vijay Kedia’s journey offers valuable lessons for aspiring investors:

  • Start Early: Kedia began his stock market journey at just 17, gaining a head start and learning the ropes from the ground up.
  • Embrace Risk: Kedia isn’t afraid to take calculated risks, often investing in stocks out of favor with the market, leading to significant profits.
  • Practice Patience: He is a patient investor, waiting for the right opportunities to avoid impulsive decisions.
  • Learn from Mistakes: Kedia acknowledges and learns from his mistakes, continuously improving his trading skills.
  • Persistence: He never gave up on his dream of becoming a successful trader and investor, working hard and persevering through tough times.

Final Thoughts Vijay Kedia’s portfolio unveils a world where passion, courage, and a touch of quirkiness combine to achieve success in the Indian stock market. His unconventional approach, rooted in conviction, meticulous research, and a knack for uncovering opportunities in unexpected places, inspires us to approach our investment endeavors with an open mind, creativity, and a willingness to take calculated risks.

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