Which distribution channel has the highest net inflows in the MF industry?FInancial NewsWhich distribution channel has the highest net inflows in the MF industry?

Which distribution channel has the highest net inflows in the MF industry?

Which distribution channel has the highest net inflows in the MF industry?

Dominance of Individual and Boutique MFDs in Mutual Fund Net Inflows. Individual and boutique Mutual Fund Distributors (MFDs) lead in net inflows within the Mutual Fund industry, as shown by AMFI data analysis.

Which distribution channel has the highest net inflows in the MF industry?

A detailed examination of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI) data, focusing on the Assets Under Management (AUM) of top distributors, reveals a striking trend. Individual MFDs and boutique MFD firms, often backed by individual efforts, exhibit a robust net-to-gross inflow ratio.

Significantly, among the top 100 MFDs ranked by their net-to-gross inflows ratio, approximately 98% are either individual MFDs or boutique MFD firms. This pattern underscores the effectiveness of these distributors in creating ‘sticky’ assets, indicating that their clients tend to remain invested for longer durations. Remarkably, in two instances involving individual MFDs – S Ganesh Ramakrishnan and K Chandramouli – the net-to-gross ratio reached 100%, implying zero redemptions throughout the year.

In another interesting observation, 9 MFDs, comprising 4 individual and 5 boutique firms, have achieved a net-to-gross ratio exceeding 90%.

Out of the top 103 MFDs shortlisted based on their net-to-gross ratio, 56 are individual MFDs, and 42 are boutique MFDs. The list also includes diverse players such as 2 banks – Jharkhand Gramin Bank and The South Indian Bank, 1 Non-Depository (ND) – Asset Plus, and 2 stock brokers – Muthoot Securities and Niyama Management & Broking Services, highlighting the varied distribution channels contributing to the Mutual Fund industry’s inflow dynamics.

Here’s the list of top 100 MFDs (mutual fund distributors) in India according to their net inflows.

RankNameCategoryGross Inflows (Rs. in Cr)Net Inflows (Rs. in Cr)Net-to-Gross RatioNet AUM as on March 23
1S Ganesh RamakrishnanIndividual4.994.99100%84
2K ChandramouliIndividual0.710.71100%91
3Akshaya FinmartBoutique MFD62.8562.5199%49
4Dhanvantri CapitalBoutique MFD130.7877.3759%10
5Taru GuptaIndividual129.4976.3099%66
6Arvind Financial ServicesBoutique MFD0.530.5398%5
7WCA DistributionBoutique MFD171.21164.6296%79
8Prime CapitalBoutique MFD340.97111.0033%251
9Padmanabha H RIndividual33.6131.6194%316
10Manthan ShahBoutique MFD101.0891.9891%118
11ArthfinBoutique MFD89.0079.1089%2
12Jharkhand Gramin BankBank29.3025.5287%114
13Rajesh HandaIndividual63.0055.0287%62
14Maverick CapitalBoutique MFD52.0045.0287%90
15SWS FinancialBoutique MFD306.11225.9974%323
16Sharath F MascarenhasIndividual29.7121.7273%76
17Sanjay Sampatlal GandhiIndividual36.5126.1672%119
18Prabal BiswasIndividual15.5710.7769%108
19Ashwani TiwariIndividual27.1318.6469%116
20Kumaraswamy C.VIndividual30.7920.9368%121
21Tejas Bharatkumar ShahIndividual87.8759.6868%192
22Rashmi Rajendra PachareIndividual17.6611.9868%127
23Arvinder Singh BindraIndividual67.7145.4467%190
24Nilesh N.ShahIndividual25.6117.1867%169
25Subhankar BhowmickIndividual18.1312.0166%136
26Mithun Avinash JathalIndividual62.0340.8466%105
27AM Investment Advisors andBoutique MFD69.1045.3166%172
28Gopi Kishan AgarwalIndividual70.1345.6665%292
29Marina WealthBoutique MFD459.57295.2764%391
30Nilesh M RokadiaIndividual16.8010.6764%108
31TruvisoryBoutique MFD46.8329.6563%114
32Bhagavathalu Ramakrishna SanjayIndividual18.4411.5262%93
33Brijesh GuptaIndividual38.8224.0662%161
34Virtue Online Services Pvt. Ltd.Boutique MFD33.7320.7762%81
35Sriram SuryanarayananIndividual36.9022.4161%144
36Mayank Arvindbhai VashiIndividual19.2511.6961%93
37Sneha Mohan BhojIndividual438.15266.0361%348
38Abacus CorporationBoutique MFD117.6970.8160%719
39Ashish N ShahIndividual28.0616.8860%134
40Real InvestmentBoutique MFD43.2025.9660%99
41Chetan Mohanlal MuthaIndividual27.6016.5660%107
42Asset PlusNational614.42367.7360%541
43Finfreedom33Boutique MFD99.0159.2360%843
44Wise Turtle FinservBoutique MFD181.86108.4160%30
45Bode Financial ServicesBoutique MFD9.695.7860%97
46Diaz InvestBoutique MFD38.0822.6960%122
47Outlook Asia CapitalBoutique MFD37.7622.4459%247
48Bhaskar SahaIndividual47.6328.2759%222
49Gopal ChulaniIndividual43.2225.6259%158
50AD InvestmentsBoutique MFD14.618.6059%125
51Josveen J MenezesIndividual31.0718.2859%147
52Pratap Chandra SahooIndividual23.8713.9358%171
53Madhav AroraIndividual14.428.4158%95
RankNameCategoryGross Inflows (Rs. in Cr)Net Inflows (Rs. in Cr)Net-to-Gross RatioNet AUM as on March 23
54Bliss CapitalBoutique MFD141.4581.8258%178
55Narain Fortune InvestmentBoutique MFD31.2017.9658%206
56Fortune Investment ServicesBoutique MFD54.7531.2357%181
57Savin SIndividual47.9127.2957%150
58Mridula ChaddaIndividual24.9214.1957%149
59Suman GuptaIndividual45.4125.8557%163
60InestBoutique MFD62.7035.6757%126
61Paras Prime WealthBoutique MFD48.6127.6157%74
62Shivam KauraIndividual14.758.3757%89
63Green HedgeBoutique MFD33.7918.9856%85
64Bhavesh Indravadan GandhiIndividual27.4015.3556%181
65Jash FinancialBoutique MFD38.5421.5856%109
66Akshay FinserveBoutique MFD90.2750.5256%123
67Sandeep S BorseIndividual50.7928.4256%106
68Muthoot SecuritiesNBFC499.59278.9956%641
69Tuhin JanaIndividual18.5910.3856%92
70Ashis PodderIndividual31.9017.7756%110
71CG AssociatesBoutique MFD30.2716.8156%147
72Mitesh Suresh ChafadkarIndividual16.178.9655%146
73Money Lancer InvestmentsBoutique MFD48.3226.6955%166
74Jain BrosBoutique MFD45.2024.8255%169
75Sangeeta Milind ChitnisIndividual44.5524.2955%154
76Niyama Management & Broking ServicesStock broker212.16115.6254%151
77Parul Vipul GandhiIndividual197.04107.0654%84
78RM Asset CartBoutique MFD76.0441.3254%389
79Diwakar B DesaiIndividual18.5110.0454%135
80Assetvilla Financial ServicesBoutique MFD17.949.7354%79
81Amit Mansukhlal SurpuriyaIndividual17.739.5454%102
82Investpro Financial ServicesBoutique MFD99.1852.9653%240
83Ramkrishna Jalinder GaikwadIndividual19.9510.6353%104
84Wealthy World PathwaysBoutique MFD65.1134.6653%94
85Jaishankar NatarajanIndividual9.865.2353%99
86Dhaval Mahendra DesaiIndividual13.026.9153%101
87Teamgm InvestmartBoutique MFD49.5526.2653%144
88Intygritty MoneytreeBoutique MFD107.0056.6353%190
89New Vision EnterprisesBoutique MFD41.3521.7453%186
90Vr AiyappanIndividual110.2957.9553%171
91Suba SharesIndividual24.6512.9553%125
92Sachin Shashikant ParekhIndividual88.3446.3953%339
93BuckspeakBoutique MFD70.9337.2452%232
94Horizon Financial ServicesBoutique MFD24.9213.0152%98
95Rajesh FalorIndividual27.6814.4252%161
96Shree InvestmentIndividual20.3010.5652%96
97Alok AgrawalIndividual20.5310.6752%128
98Pankaj LadhaIndividual108.4556.3252%227
99Srinivas Rao KasinathuniIndividual23.4512.1752%93
100The South Indian Bank LtdBank182.5694.5052%395
101Capital Mines MoneymartIndividual63.9333.0652%101
102BlueantBoutique MFD944952%321
103BM FiscalBoutique1025352%86


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