Invest in 24K Pure digital Gold

Buying and Investing in Digital Gold has never been this easier. Now, you can Buy / Save / Sell Digital Gold Online from MMTC-PAMP, India’s leader in Digital Gold.

Buy Gold as low as ₹1

Yes, you can buy Digital gold with as less amount as Rs. 1/- and accumulate till 2 lakh Rupees without PAN

Best in the class features of Digital Gold

Buying Digital Gold has tremedous benefits as no one can steal your Gold and you always get the best prices

Convert Digital Gold to Physical Gold in Seconds

After accumulating enough gold via the Gold accumulation plan, you can convert the digital gold into physical gold in just a minute. We will take care of the delivery of your 24K, 99.99% pure gold.

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I started saving via the Gold Systematic Investment Plan(SIP) route. I’m able to save a considerable amount of my salary. 

Revathi Chokkam

Revathi Chokkam

I wanted to buy gold for my brother’s marriage. Brought Digital gold on FinPlay and took physical delivery. Seamless experience.

Lokesh Tirumalasetty 

Lokesh Tirumalasetty 

The pricing is transparent and I can save whenever I have extra spare money to invest. Got a better deal than the physical retail stores like Kalyan Jewellers. 


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What is Digital Gold?

FinPlay-Digital Gold is a convenient and cost-effective way of purchasing gold online.

You can buy, sell, and accumulate gold of 99.99% purity, even in, fractions anytime using FinPlay. The provider you can buy the gold from is MMTC- PAMP.

When buying gold from FinPlay, you have the option to:

  • Buy Gold in grams or for any amount of your choice starting at Rupee 1, The gold will be stored in a secure bank-grade digital locker by the gold provider.
  • You can choose to sell your stored gold or have it delivered to you.
  • Buy a gold coin or bar. The gold coin or bar will be delivered to you within 7 to 10 working days from the date of purchase

What is Gold accumulation plan (GAP)?

  • The GAP allows you to purchase gold using your FinPlay account for as low as Re.1/-
  • You can buy & sell in fractions for example. 0.1 gm or in Rupees, for example Re.1 or Re. 2 etc
  • You may purchase gold 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including public and bank holidays
  • You will be able to see the live price of Gold, real time on FinPlay platforms including website, mobile application etc. in order to make your decision
  • You can redeem accumulated gold in the form of gold coins/minted products.
  • You can also sell back your gold holdings to MMTC-PAMP through FinPlay platform at the rate displayed on the FinPlay platform This money gets credited into the bank account details provided by you.
  • This is not a Collective Investment Scheme or a systematic investment plan – you will not earn any interest on your investment, and you will not be required to put in monthly installments for the same

What is MMTC-PAMP India Private Limited?

  • MMTC-PAMP India Pvt. Ltd. Is a joint venture between MMTC Limited, a Govt. of India undertaking and PAMP Switzerland, global leader in refining bullion and global referee for precious metals. For more details, please visit:
  • MMTC-PAMP is India’s first and only London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery accredited Gold & Silver refinery

Are the Gold coins hallmarked?

  • Across the world, the standard for the highest quality gold is set by an organization called the LBMA
  • LBMA stands for London Bullion Market Association, which is an international trade association representing the market for gold and silver Bullion with a global client base. LBMA’s main role is setting and maintaining global standards for gold and silver, universally recognized as the de-facto standard of quality assured and assayed bullion. For more details, please visit:
  • Note that MMTC-PAMP is a BIS certified refinery. Hallmarking is done for only Gold items of 14, 18 and 22K. 24K Gold is not hallmarked.


Is FinPlay legally allowed to sell Gold on their Platform

The seller is MMTC-PAMP India, India’s largest gold refinery. FinPlay is only providing a platform for the customer to access the Gold accumulation plan as retail investors cannot buy Gold directly from MMTC-PAMP.


Who is the custodian of my gold till withdrawal?

  • At no point does the ownership of your accumulated Gold transfers to either FinPlay or MMTC-PAMP.
  • MMTC-PAMP is the custodian of your accumulated Gold, right from the point you buy Gold in GAP on FinPlay.
  • We secure your gold in physical form until you redeem the gold.
  • The Locker is fully insured for all eventualities


Is it possible to store my withdrawn gold coins and bars in safe custody and have them del

Once you place a redemption request, you have to accept the delivery made to you. It cannot be made at a later date


Is it possible to store my withdrawn gold coins and bars in safe custody and have them del

  • In case there has been no transaction made through your account for 6 continuous months, either a buy, sell or redemption, your account will be deemed inactive.
  • In such a case, you will be sent a notification to make a transaction on your registered mobile number and email.
  • We will reserve the right to close down the account if your account has been inactive. In such cases the gold held in your account will be liquidated at the “sales price” derived by MMTC-PAMP on the day of liquidation and the complete amount from these proceedings will be kept separately in a “dedicated GAP account” maintained by MMTC-PAMP.
  • You can claim the amount by reaching out to MMTC-PAMP and providing relevant ID proofs and account details for settlement.

What tax implications do I have, if I accumulate Gold on FinPlay?”


  • At the time of purchasing, selling and redeeming Gold, all applicable taxes are included in your invoice.
  • These taxes are over and above the displayed price of the gold


Are my Gold account details shared with any tax authorities?

No. In case of any enquires by government authorities, FinPlay will have to provide the requested information.


Can I visit the vault to inspect my Gold physically?

No, it’s not possible to visit the Gold valut in person. However, you can view recordings of our facility.


How do I open my account for GAP(Gold Accumulation Plan)?

  • You need to be a registered FinPlay user with a valid Mobile number followed by real time OTP.
  • Using your FinPlay log in, you can access the Gold powered by MMTC-PAMP plan.
  • Once you click on the Digital Gold icon, you will be prompted to enter your name and expected delivery pin code. If we service the pin code entered by you, you will be enrolled in the plan.
  • If not, you will not be able to buy Gold.

What are the documents I need to submit for accumulating Gold?

  • You will need to submit your name, registered mobile number and pin code at the time of initiating your accumulation of Gold. In case your cumulative transaction value in the GAP account crosses INR 50,000, you will be required to adhere to the prevailing KYC norms.

  • In case a single transaction value crosses INR 2 lakhs, you will be required to submit your Pan Card details.


What if any of my KYC details are change

It is your responsibility to update KYC with FinPlay if anything changes.


What are the registration fees for GAP?

There is no registration fee; registration for GAP is free of cost. Any valid FinPlay account holder can participate in this plan and accumulate gold multiple times or they can invest via SIP route to leverage rupee cost averaging.


How do I close my Digital gold account?

  • Login to your account.
  • Ensure your metal balance is NIL by withdrawal of any balance and by taking delivery of any withdrawn gold in storage.
  • Inactive accounts with zero balance will be deemed closed automatically

How do I close my Digital gold account?

  • Login to your account.
  • Ensure your metal balance is NIL by withdrawal of any balance and by taking delivery of any withdrawn gold in storage.
  • Inactive accounts with zero balance will be deemed closed automatically

What happens if I do not respond to your email to make a transaction?

  • MMTC-PAMP reserves the right to liquidate the Gold holding and treat the proceeds in accordance with applicable laws. A customer account will be treated as inactive if no transactions happen in 6 months.


How many attempts will you make to reach out to me? Your email could go to my spam or I could miss it and not receive your message?


  • It is your responsibility to be available on your phone and/ or on contact address.


Other Account information

  • You are responsible for keeping your FinPlay account details in a secure manner corresponding to existing FinPlay terms and conditions,

    MMTC-PAMP will act solely on instructions received on the FinPlay platform, and will not be liable for any losses/ liabilities due to a breach/misuse of your FinPlay account


How can I be assured that the gold coins delivered to me are genuine and trust worthy?

  • The gold coins are directly dispatched from MMTC-PAMP manufacturing unit.

  • All the coins are delivered in sealed tamper proof packaging.

  • All the dispatches are camera recorded at the time of dispatch.

  • In case of any issues, contact customer care service

What will you do with my Gold, if I die?”

In such case, it becomes the customer’s legal heir’s responsibility to inform FinPlay/ MMTC-PAMP. The account will then be closed and the legal heir has to take a physical delivery.

In case of any natural disaster, if the Gold in MMTC-PAMP vault is destroyed or in case of theft, will I lose all the money used in buying my accumulated Gold?”

No. You will not lose your money. The Locker is fully insured for all eventualities of theft, fire, act of god etc


What is 24k Gold?

999.9 gold is the purest form of Gold used for trading purposes across the world. 24 karat gold is of 99.99% purity.


How is the purity of Gold ensured?

MMTC-PAMP, the seller of Gold on FinPlay, is BIS certified refinery and provides 24k 999.9 fine gold which means that purity is at least 99.99%.


How do I buy digital gold on FinPlay online app?

You can buy Gold in few simple steps

  1. Click on Digital Gold icon on FinPlay app

  2. Enter amount of Gold you want to purchase in Rupees or grams

  3. Pay with UPI/Netbanking payment mode to complete your gold purchase and gold will be added instantly to your gold locker.

  4. You can view your gold balance by clicking Digital Gold icon on homepage and also by clicking on portfolio. You can view all your digital gold transactions by clicking on Activity icon on bottom navigation bar.


What is the live gold price today in India?

Live rate of Gold means the Gold rate in Indian rupees per gram of 9999 fine Gold, as posted from time to time, inclusive of duty, inclusive of taxes, exclusive of product manufacturing/making charges, delivery charges.


What is the live gold price today in India?

Live rate of Gold means the Gold rate in Indian rupees per gram of 9999 fine Gold, as posted from time to time, inclusive of duty, inclusive of taxes, exclusive of product manufacturing/making charges, delivery charges.


How long is the live price valid for completing a transaction?

The live price, at which you choose to buy Gold, will be valid for 5 minutes from the time of you clicking on the option to buy. In case you fail to complete the transaction by making the payment, you will be redirected to the new live price, at which point you can restart the transaction to make a fresh offer to buy.

What modes of Rupee payments are accepted?

  • UPI

  • Net Banking

  • Or any other mode of payment as FinPlay may make available on their platform

It means, you can buy gold using UPI payment method.

Where is my FinPlay-Gold stored?

Your FinPlay-Gold account comes with a secure locker in MMTC-PAMP Vaults free of cost. The gold purchased is stored in these lockers and are 100% insured. You can now accumulate gold without worrying about safe keeping of the gold and the hefty fees involved in traditional lockers.


So, no locker fees for storing and safe keeping your gold in vault.


After purchasing gold, when can I see gold grams credit into my metal account?”

  • After making the payment, when MMTC-PAMP accepts your offer to buy, you will receive an invoice and the said quantity will be reflected in your FinPlay-Gold account under Holding’s balance.

  • In the rare event of any non-availability of metal or instances of technical failure, MMTC-PAMP may reject your offer to buy. The amount paid by you will be refunded as per the FinPlay norms.

Where can I find the invoice for my order?

  • To download invoice for successful order, please visit the Transaction History tab in FinPlay-Gold Home page, click on your order and view invoice.

  • Invoice is also sent as an attachment in the order confirmation email.

  • Invoices are available only for Buy/Sell/Gold back & Delivery orders. Gifting is just gold transfer from one account to another and hence no Invoice gets generated in this case.


Can I cancel my gold purchase?

Once Gold Seller (MMTC-PAMP) has accepted your offer to buy, cancellations or refunds are not allowed

What is the maximum period for which MMTC-PAMP will store my Gold?

  • You can buy and store your gold for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase with us.

  • This will be kept in safe custody

  • You can sell/withdraw your gold anytime within these five years.

  • When you want to withdraw your gold, you have to select in which denomination you want to withdraw it. You will have a range of minted products to choose from.

  • Once this duration is complete, it is mandatory to sell or take delivery of the respective quantity.

  • In case of multiple purchases on different dates, you can keep your gold with us for 5 years from the date of purchase for each specific transaction. If you redeem your gold after the Custody Period of five years, additional charges, as applicable at that time will be levied

How do I sell the Gold I have accumulated?

  • Select the sell gold icon on the Digital Gold homepage.

  • Choose the Gold Locker balance you wish to sell – MMTC-PAMP

  • Enter the amount of gold you want to sell in Rupees or Grams, with minimum of Re 1 or 0.0005 gram respectively.

  • Enter and confirm your bank details where you want the money to be transferred post selling of Gold.

  • The quantity you have offered to sell will then be deducted from your respective Gold balance and your transfer would be initiated. It might take up to 72 hours for the amount to get credited to your bank account.

  • In the rare event of any technical failure, MMTC-PAMP may reject your offer to sell. The quantity offered by you to sell will be credited as per FinPlay norms in your Gold account

Why is the sell price lower than buy price?

Buy and Sell Gold prices are given in real time by MMTC-PAMP. As per Gold sellers, this is standard Bullion Industry and Trade practice

Can I cancel my sell order?

Once Gold Seller (MMTC-PAMP) has accepted your offer to buy, cancellations are not allowed

Why does it take 72 hours to credit my bank account for my gold sell transaction?

To ensure that your gold is secure, we closely monitor your sell transaction for any risk. Thus, in certain cases, we introduce a safety period and credit the amount to your bank account after 72 hours of your sell transaction. Nonetheless, the gold balance from your FinPlay account will be deducted instantaneously so that you do not miss out on the current gold price

How do I send or Gift gold?

  • Click on “Gift” icon on the Gold homepage.

  • Enter the Mobile number to whom Gold needs to be gifted, along with Amount of Gold gift in Rs or in Grams. It is compulsory for the recipient to be registered member on FinPlay to receive the gift.

  • On Proceed, Choose the Gold Locker/Holding Balance from which Gold needs to be gifted.

  • In case of insufficient balance in respective Gold locker, you can still proceed & add required amount of gold to send Gift.

  • Your Gift will be sent instantly and Receiver will get notified through SMS


Where can I see the send/receive gold transactions?

You can view all your gold transfers in the Transaction History tab.

Why am I not able to receive gold?

You do not have a FinPlay account associated with the mobile number the sender is trying to send. Open a FinPlay account with your mobile number to accept the Gold.