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Financial Calculators

Your Monthly EMI is Rs. 7540/-

Financial Calculators

Using this financial calculator, users can calculate their Personal Loan EMI, House loan emi, Gold loan emi, car and vehicle loan emi.

Basically, whereever users have loans, they can use the calulator to calculate the respective EMI pertaining to the Loan and calculate their monthly inlfow, outflow and when they can become debt free.

Financial Calculators

Being financially aware is the need of the hour in the times of high inflation, blockchain technology, crypto, De-fi(decentralied finance), stock market boom in the bullrun.

It is imperative now to keep a track of all your loan EMIs via personal loan calculator, mortgage calculator, returns from mutual funds via mutual funds, sip or lumpsum calculator, returns from FD via FD calculator. All these financial calculators should be put to good use by everyone to become financially independent.

Mutual fund calculator

Now you can calculate the returns on your mutual funds with the best mutual fund calculator

SIP Calculator

Calculate and track your mutual fund SIPs via the best SIP calculator.


FD calculator

Various banks gives various FD interest rates ranging from 4-7%. Now, calculate your FD returns using the best FD calculator